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39chan is an anonymous image based bulletin board system. Users do not need to create an account to participate.

404 page — by admin at 04/03/19 (Wed) 23:30:31

I added a 404 page with a little anime like all the other sites have. The one Sarah gave me didn't scan in properly so I had to improvise. Sorry!

Public Banlist — by admin at 04/02/19 (Tue) 12:44:22

Bans are now public to everyone and be viewed at http://39chan.org/bans.html

/meta/ — by admin at 03/31/19 (Sun) 00:29:21

/meta/ board started. Post your suggestions there.

Shitpost cleanup — by admin at 03/28/19 (Thu) 21:05:15

I removed all the low effort shitposts that didn't get any reply's on /d/. No one banned.

39chan started! — by admin at 03/27/19 (Wed) 00:00:15

39chan is officially online! How to post page, banners, a proper logo and more are still being worked on.

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