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How To Pack Your System for Safe Shipping:

If you're shipping your system in to us, be sure to pack it very well, as you are responsible for getting it to us safely. Here are a few guidelines to help:

Original Box:
If you have the original box, it's easy. For laptops and Mini's, just make sure everything is secure, and use an outer shipping box with some extra padding (don't ship it in only the factory box). For iMacs, you can ship in the factory box, but make sure it's taped securely, and you may want to add a little extra padding. We DO recommend using an outer box for iMacs, though! For PowerMacs and Mac Pro's, the factory box is fine - just be sure it's securely taped on top AND bottom.

No Original Box:
In general, you'll need to make sure there are at LEAST 3 inches of secure padding around all sides (bubblewrap, etc). Laptops are generally easy, but with iMacs you'll want to be particularly careful about the display section, and be sure there is padding around all accessories (not loose in the box or rubbing any part of the system). On PowerMacs and Mac Pro's we highly recommend shipping them on their sides, as the top and bottom braces are prone to bending if shipped upright without the original box (and that decreases the value a lot). You may want to go well beyond the minimum 3 inches of padding, especially around these braces.

FedEx Ground and UPS Ground typically have the same rates (very close). The postal service is a LOT more expensive, so we generally don't recommend them. Also, be aware that the UPS Stores have a very high markup over the true UPS rates. They're fine for buying supplies, but for UPS, you should try to find an actual hub, or check with Staples. FedEx Ground is available from any Kinko's Copy Center as well.

Be sure to insure or declare the value of your system when you ship it. If it's damaged in transit, the courier will be resposible for it provided it is packed within their guidelines (check their individual sites for exact guidelines). We are not responsible for damaged packages, so proper packing and insurance is a must.

Be sure to include your email address in the box!
We use this like an RA# to luck up all packages that we receive, so in order to avoid delays, just include a note with your email address (and mailing address if you haven't already emailed it to us).

Hopefully these tips will help, but if you have any questions about shipping, PLEASE feel free to ask!

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